Why should you consider CS-CART as a platform for your Online Store?

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CS-CART is a modern engine that allows you to create a fully functional online store with rich functionality right out of the box. It comes with an amazing admin panel interface usability and great tools to manage the contents of web pages of your e-commerce project.


Main advantages of building your online-store on the CS-CART platform

Great Functionality
Perhaps, this is the most complete packaged solution with the broadest functionality available immediately after the installation on the server. There is no need to build any extra expansions at the early start of the project (the engine contains about 90 percent of the functionality of the world’s leading Online Stores).
CS-CART is an open source engine. You can realize all your ideas and business models. Developers of the engine have published full documentation which enables to solve any problem issue.
Great Tool for SEO Experts
The engine contains all tools for managing SEO including attributes of pages. The data is properly structured, allows to generate sitemap and has many other features using which, you may develop your project and improve its position in search results of Yandex, Google and others.
Integrated Add-ons
Integration of CS-CART with 1C accountants software will not cause any difficulties with new versions of the engine as it is available out of the box. But if you are not satisfied with the standart exchange algorithm, we may modify it for you to meet your company’s needs or we can develop a completly new add-on.
Import & Export
Import and Export data from the table of documents back and forth. Update and fill in information about your products and catalogs quickly and easily.
Marketing Tools
Full range of marketing tools for your sales is already provided: e-mail marketing tool, customers sign-in tool, instant notifications of any changes to the site and the status of the order, special offers, discounts and sales tools, gift certificates and much more functionality to interact with the consumer.
An abundance of operational functionality
Convenient search tool, all kinds of filters of products specs, support of many features of a product including choosing different prices and such features as color, size, etc., the goods configurator, availability (in stock/out of stock), the ability to create unlimited catalog structures and more.
Reasonable price of the product
The recommended retail price of the license is only as low as USD 385.00. Some experts say the development of such rich functionality product from scratch will probably estimate in amount of about USD 50.000 to USD 100.000 and most likely will not have any support in the future.

Our selected works on CS-CART



Online-store selling super simple and unique cloud integrated HD Wi-Fi camera to monitor everything you care about! The project was developed in partnership with Accuraten, that provided design layouts of the website.

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Choosing toys for children online is the best decision as well as to buy a stroller for a baby, make a strategic reserves of diapers, buy new high-quality and stylish clothes, restock toys …




Online-shop of original perfumes with a comfortable selection of all kinds of fragrances and brand names out of more than 5,000 items.




Online-shop of household cleaning goods. A unique design that combines user-friendly interface and functionality that helps to spend less time and energy on each purchase.




Online supermarket of tourist services in Australia. Here you may book a tour or excursion and pay online from anywhere in the world. The system of real-time availability has been implemented.



Manors Estate

This online supermarket of foreign real estate built on CS-CART as well. The site works in the mode of the directory. Built-in filters allows customers to easily find the right property to purchase.


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